Pure light for pure enthusiasm

Save your project price today.
Save your project price today.
Save your project price today.
Save your project price today.

Your specialist for precise lighting

Are you looking for an individual LED lighting system for museums, galleries and exhibitions?

Let the pure light lightning solutions inspire you for a perfect presentation of exhibits, paintings and rooms.

kessler pure light is a manufactory for miniature LED spotlights located in Ostrach in Oberschwaben.

The range for modern museum lighting, gallery lighting as well as precise residential lighting is high quality, individually applicable and at the same time efficient and energy-saving.

Pure Light

Unlimited application possibilities

For the use of spotlights in stores, museums or galleries, you will find a wide selection of miniature LED spotlights for professional use in our portfolio.

The different smart lighting systems do not only present your exhibits ideally, but also determine the desired atmosphere and thus strengthen the immediate visitor experience.

The modern kessler pure light lighting systems offer optimal illumination and unlimited application possibilities.

Pure Light
Pure Light

Miniature spotlight with huge advantages

» Low heat generation
» Flexible use
» Discreet appearance
» Low effort
» Efficient lighting
» Different dimming options
» World's smallest light source

Flexible, minimalist, discreet

The kessler pure light lighting systems are among the smallest light sources worldwide.

Due to their minimalist design, they are hardly noticed by the observer and are reduced to their function of precise and flexible illumination. The illuminants are flexible in use and can be reused for a wide variety of exhibitions. 

The minimalist design creates a luminaire family that discreetly fades into the background without influencing the viewer.

Pure Light