by kessler pure light.

Good lighting in museums meets the needs of visitors, conservators and operators alike: visual comfort, optimum perceptibility of exhibits, high quality of experience on the one hand, protection of exhibits, economy and sustainability on the other. It must be integrated into the existing architecture without being too intrusive. For professional exhibition and display case lighting, we offer a wide product portfolio of excellent, minimalist and highly flexible LED spotlights with a TM-30-15 Rg>100 and Rf>90 ( at a light colour of 3000K). 

Our LED spotlights are among the world's smallest light sources, especially in the field of display case lighting. Thanks to their minimalist design, they are hardly noticed by the observer and are reduced to their function of precise, flexible lighting.

dot .

is a highly flexible micro or mini LED spotlight for the track with a luminous flux of 50lm to 150lm depending on the version. The spotlight can be placed freely on the track with its magnetic base, can be rotated 360° and swivelled 90°. The screw cap on the spotlight head allows easy replacement of the lens and attachments. 

stick + pipe

are discreet mini LED spots as single spotlights with a luminous flux of 90lm. Thanks to the magnetic ball joint, the spot can be rotated 360°, swivelled 170° and tilted 180°. Simple mechanisms allow lenses and attachments to be exchanged without tools.

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